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Canarywood Lumber

About Canarywood

Canarywood can almost be rainbow colored with dark red streaks along with the natural orange, yellow, and brown coloration. It has medium texture and weight with open pores. Canarywood is said to have good acoustic properties and is sometimes used for speaker enclosures or entertainment system cabinets.

Two ways to buy Canarywood lumber:
  1. Order by the foot. Select the number of board feet you want. We'll choose the sizes that will ship best.
  2. Order by piece. Choose your size. This option comes surfaced on two sides and is trimmed to width.

Order Canarywood Lumber
by the board foot

bdft. 4/4 Canarywood (S2S)
Surfaced to 13/16"
$17.30 /bdft.

Order Canarywood Lumber
by the piece

4/4 Canarywood (S4S)
Surfaced to 13/16"
(0.203 bdft.)
*Pieces over 4' long might cost more to ship. Read more about shipping.

What is a Board Foot?

A board foot (bdft.) is a standard of measurement equal to one square foot that is one inch thick. This measurement is used to measure the volume of lumber.

You can order Canarywood wood by the board foot above or choose the exact size you need.

What is 4/4?

When lumber is cut at a lumber mill, the thickness is traditionally measured in quarters of an inch. For example, 4/4 equates to 1 inch and 8/4 equates to 2 inches thick.

When you order Canarywood lumber from us, it is surfaced on both sides (S2S), resulting in a loss of about 3/16 of an inch in thickness.

4/4 lumber will come surfaced to 13/16" thick, and 8/4 to 1 & 13/16".

After sanding or shaping, you should be left with about 3/4" workable material.

Looking for thinner material? See Project Ready wood.

What does S2S and S4S mean?

S2S means the lumber will be surfaced on two sides—it is planed smooth on the top and bottom face but not sanded. The edges are left rough.
S4S means the lumber will be surfaced on four sides—it is planed smooth on the top and bottom face with both edges trimmed straight and to size.

All S4S and S2S lumber is planed but not sanded. It will need sanding before a finish can be applied.

Looking for sanded, ready-to-go wood? See Project Ready wood.

Is the wood clear?

All our Lumber is Select and Better (Sel&Btr) grade unless otherwise specified. Select and Better is the highest grade available.
Most pieces will be 83% to completely clear. Small peices are usually completely clear, while larger pieces might have small defects or a few sound knots.

Kiln Dried

Our Canarywood wood is kiln dried. Kiln drying is an effective way of drying green (freshly cut) lumber in a controlled environment to a specific moisture content. The resulting dried wood is stronger and more stable.

Other Canarywood Products

Canarywood Project Ready Wood

The thin wood that's perfect for scroll sawing, laser cutting and engraving, thick veneers and many other crafts.

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Canarywood Pen Blanks

We carry 3/4x3/4x5 inch Canarywood blanks for pen turning. Only $0.50 each!

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