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About Us

Named after the rolling Ocooch Mountains of Southwest Wisconsin, the family-run business of Ocooch Hardwoods offers specialty hardwood lumber and plywood. Ocooch Hardwoods is run by one family: Ethan Martin and his wife, Katya, take your calls and answer your questions, while brothers Adriel, Doran, Jadon, Christian, Caleb, and Cedric process and ship your orders.

We seek to meet the demands of retailers, craftsmen, cabinet shops and anyone interested in fine quality lumber. We specialize in lumber and guarantee it to be on grade and proper moisture content.


Delvin and Brenda Martin and family


Ocooch Hardwoods is Hiring!

As our business grows we are looking for hardworking individuals to join our team. At Ocooch Hardwoods you’ll work with a team of six to eight others and be given tasks such as picking rough lumber, running the sander, or packaging. Tasks may vary from day to day, and you’ll be able to incorporate more variety as you learn how to operate the various stages.

Read more about the job and submit an application.