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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship your wood to Canada, the UK and other countries other than the US?

A: Yes we do! You can place your order here on our site and we'll contact you with exact shipping charges for your location before we bill you. Or you can contact us for shipping quote first.

Q: How long does Shipping take?

A:We usually ship your order in 1-4 business days. Transit time depends on your location. Check this map for transit times in the US. We can also do expedited shipping, contact us for a quote.

Q. I ordered some Scroll Saw Wood from you and I love it! But after it sat in my shop for a while it warped. Is there a way to remedy this?

A: Yes, this is easily prevented and you can even re-flatten the board that has already warped. Just follow these instructions.

Q: Does your "Scroll Saw Wood" work on a laser as well?

A: Yes, it works great for laser cutting and engraving. Read more about this here.

Q: I am a beginner scroll sawyer. What would be the best wood to start with?

A: Poplar is great wood for beginners, it cuts easy, accepts stains and paints very well and is relatively inexpensive. Later on you might want to try Walnut, Cherry, and Hard Maple. But save the exotics like Bloodwood and Purpleheart for after you have more experience, since they are very hard woods.

Q: Can you do custom sizes?

A: Yes, we can do just about any size you need. Contact us for a price.

Q: Are your wood sizes nominal? For example, if I order a 6" wide board will it actually be 5-1/2 inches?

A: All our "Scroll Saw Wood" is trimmed to exact sizes. Our "Intarsia Lumber" may vary, by 1/8 of an inch at most.

Q: How do you pronounce your name?

A: We get that a lot :). Ocooch (pronounced Oh-koo-ch) is the name given to the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin where we are located.

Q: I tried calling several times but no one answered. When is the best time to get a hold of you?

A: We are very busy people. We don't always have someone in the office, but if you leave a message we will usually call you back within an hour.

Q: What does "4/4" mean?

A: Rough (or unsurfaced) lumber thicknesses are usually measured in quarters of an inch. 4/4 is 1", 8/4 is 2 inches and 16/4 is 4" thick. Don't ask us why, that's just the way it's always been done. :)

Q: How do I figure a board foot?

A: A board foot is the unit of measurement used to calculate the volume of lumber. A board foot is 1" thick 12" wide and 12" long. For 4/4 lumber (1" thick), multiply the length (in feet) by the width (in inches) and divide by 12. To order a small amount of our Unsurfaced Lumber, just let us know what size board you need and we will take care of figuring the board feet.