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Handpicked Pieces

Every board is unique. But some pieces deserve individual appreciation.

The selections listed below display unique marvels of nature that grew just a little differently than their peers. The photos you see display specific, individual pieces. When you order any of these boards, you will receive the unique selection depicted here shipped to your door. Once a piece is sold, it's gone for good, and we won't have anything exactly like it ever again.

Select More about this piece to see more photos and specifics about the board such as size and surfacing specs.


All Discounted Charcuterie Board Stock Coffee Table/Furniture Stock Curly Grain Extra Wide Limited time species Live Edge Narrow Pack Non-inventory size Sapwood Unusual Color


10% off!
Handpicked Zebrawood (#1408)

13/16" x 4" x 42"

This pack of Zebrawood is made of narrow boards. We've marked the price down to bring you an amazing... read more

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