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4/4 Bolivian Rosewood 6" wide 47" long (S4S)


Bolivian Rosewood has many names and is closely related and compared to Rosewood. It is also called Morado, Santos Rosewood, or Pau Ferro (which loosely translates as "Ironwood"). An exceptionally hard and beautiful wood, Bolivian Rosewood displays a range of colors with dramatic, swirly grain patterns.

  1. Sizes are exact and not nominal.
  2. Surfaced on four sides (S4S).
  3. Both edges are trimmed straight.
  4. Priced by the piece.
  5. Select and Better (Sel&Btr) grade.

Item Specifications

Thickness (height) Width Length Weight
0.8125 inches 6 inches 47 inches 8.2875 lbs.

Surfacing: Planed smooth on two sides. Not sanded.

What is 4/4?

When lumber is cut at a lumber mill, the thickness is traditionally measured in quarters of an inch. For example, 4/4 equates to 1 inch and 8/4 equates to 2 inches thick.

When you order BolivianRosewood lumber from us, it is surfaced on both sides (S2S), resulting in a loss of about 3/16 of an inch in thickness.

4/4 lumber will come surfaced to 13/16" thick, and 8/4 to 1 & 13/16".

After sanding or shaping, you should be left with about 3/4" workable material.

Looking for thinner material? See Project Ready wood.

What does S4S mean?

S4S means the lumber will be surfaced on four sides—it is planed smooth on the top and bottom face with both edges trimmed straight and to size.

All S4S and S2S lumber is planed but not sanded. It will need sanding before a finish can be applied.

Looking for sanded, ready-to-go wood? See Project Ready wood.

Is the wood clear?

All our Lumber is Select and Better (Sel&Btr) grade unless otherwise specified. Select and Better is the highest grade available.
Most pieces will be 83% to completely clear. Small peices are usually completely clear, while larger pieces might have small defects or a few sound knots.

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